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We are currently in July summer break. We are available for Live Support again starting August!
Are you struggling in setting up your Max2Play? You can't hear anything from your sound card? We provide Online Live Support!

In order to have this service, please fill the form below. Being specific in describing the technical problem will help our engineers to understand it better and decrease the respond time to arrange the technical remote session. Our engineers will respond as soon as possible once we have received the request, but the priority is given to the premium users. Our engineer will arrange the remote session by a phone call in no more than 24 working hours.

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Angebotene Hardware getestet und optimal abgestimmt auf Max2Play

Wir liefern die passende Hardware für DIY-Lösungen und zum Erweitern bestehender Systeme.

Service & Support

Max2Play Einrichtungsservice
Bei einer Bestellung über Max2Play wird das System-Image vor dem Versand detailliert und umfassend eingerichtet: Sprache, Land, Lizenz. Somit kann das Max2Play Image direkt in Betrieb genommen werden.

Max2Play Support
Wir bieten für alle Themen rund um Max2Play Support auf unserer Webseite:

What is Online Live Support?

We offer high quality remote technical support for our customers in order to improve Max2Play’s user experience and to save their time and efforts. This service is provided by our technical support engineers, who are experts in Max2Play technologies. Moreover, it allows our engineers to service your device from anywhere. This support is provided for Max2Play setup, and we could not provide technical support for special personal setup that contains products that are not supported by Max2Play or personal software development. We only provide technical support for Raspberry Pi, HifiBerry sound cards, Audiophonics sound cards, IQaudio sound cards, JustBoom sound cards, Allo sound cards and Raspberry Pi displays

Which Software Do I Need to Have this Service?

We recommend our customers to use TeamViewer, since every remote session is done by this tool, and the customer should download it and prepare it before the remote session starts, you can download TeamViewer from this link for free:

After downloading Teamviewer we need your ID and the password that are showed on the Teamviewer software, therefore we will send you an email to get those credentials before the online live support call. by installing Teamviewer you will give as access to your computer, and you will see what exactly we are controlling on your device. Moreover, you need to have a headphone and microphone in order to access the online live support.

At what Time and Which Language this Service is provided?

The remote session will be from Monday to Thursday (10:30 to 16:00 GMT+2) , and all the support sessions are provided in English language at the moment, we will provide this service in other languages soon.

What are the costs of this service and how to pay?

The cost for the (30 Mins) remote session is 29 Euro for the premium users and 39 Euro for non-premium users, you can pay before the session starts by PayPal or Direct Debit.

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