Allo DigiOne

The DigiOne from Allo is the most modern digital S/PDIF transporter for the Raspberry Pi with BNC audio output, which has a minimum of jitter and noise.

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Product Description


The Allo DigiOne is designed to minimize noise and jitter. To achieve this, Allo added an integrated reclocker as well as the special BNC output. However, a standard RCA output is also included. The sound card is powered by the Raspberry Pi, so the Digi does not need an external power supply. The Raspberry Pi-GPIO pins are not accessible any more after installing the Digi.

At a glance:

  • No soldering required
  • Easy to install and to use with Max2Play Allo Plugin
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi without external power supply
  • Digital audio output over BNC or coaxial (RCA) connectors
  • Bit perfect digital output
  • Output transformator for galvanic isolation
  • integrated reclocker
  • Low noise and a minimum of jitter
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2B and 3B
  • Mounting hardware included

Technical Details:

  • Based on WM8805
  • 10 Low Dropout Regulators (LDO's)
  • 12 Low Pass Filters (LPF's)
  • Galvanic isolator
  • NDK oscillators
  • Jitter as low as 0.411ps(picosecond
  • Noise as low as 50uV
  • Master SPDIF configuration
  • Fully HAT compliant


  • Allo DigiOne HAT
  • 4 spacers and 8 screws

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Gewicht 0.110
Chipset WM8805
KHz/ Bitrate 192kHz / 24bit
Signal-to-noise ratio -
Output BNC, RCA digital
Output power (RMS) -
Clock generator own clockgenerator
Additional connections BNC
dedicated Connection for infrared receiver -
dedicated connection for rotary encoder -
Hardware features dual low-jitter oscillators, Mornsun IBO505LS - 1W DC-DC-Converter
ALSA controls for soundcard (driver) -
Max2Play software features Allo Plugin
Power supply micro-USB of Raspberry Pi
PDF Data Manufacturer PDF Datenblatt


Customer Reviews (1)

The best digital out that I've tested to dateReview by Middachten
When I first read about the DigiOne I was fascinated by it because it all sounded right. They have done all the right things (galvanically isolated, separate power regulators, lowest possible noise on power lines, re-clocking of I2S, proper output impedance matching, BNC connector). All to get the lowest jitter and noise on the output. And all this in a very nicely priced package.

So... I couldn't resist and order one to test in my setup. This setup consists of: B&W 803 D3, Ayre K1 and V1 amplifier and a DcS Puccini SACD player with SPDIF input.

I'm using the Squeezebox platform now for many years and believe it is one of the best out there if you want bit-perfect / no messing around with the data and an excellent user interface. Since two years I work with a RPi based system. I've tested many ways to get digital audio into my DcS:
- USB based solutions like Audio-GD DI-V3, M2Tech HiFace Evo and even the quite expensive DCS uClock of the Puccini series
- I2S based, only the HiFi Berry Digi+

All of these solutions, except for the DcS uClock, sounded less good than the same music played by the internal CD transport in the Puccini. The uClock is a unique exception. When adding this to the system, streaming my ripped files sounded slightly better than the original CD.
Now mind you, these differences are not huge. Most of it is down to flatter sound stage, less open mids and sometimes some glare in the high frequencies. But if you have a very revealing system like mine, this starts to irritate if it isn't right.

Now, back to the DigiOne: It is the first non-DcS interface that I use that is so close to the internal CD drive that it becomes almost indistinguishable for me. Maybe the CD still has a fraction more air in the top frequencies but otherwise it is quite unbelievable how close it gets. In particular at these price levels.

You could ask the question: why go so cheap on streaming when you have such an expensive setup? There are several answers to that:
- I've always been a big analog fan and most serious listening is on vinyl (Mitchell Gyro + SME-IV+Benz Wood)
- I really like the Squeezebox platform: it has a great interface and flexibility I can use it for very cheap players in the bathroom and garden and for medium-fi stuff in the kitchen and High-end in the living room at the same time. No other system offers this (don't get me started on Roon...)

To conclude:
This is by far the best digital transport/RPi based interface that I have heard and it comes at a great price point. No, I haven't tried any of the multi EURk transports so I can't comment on that. If I see how close this little HAT comes to the DcS uClock solution I'm impressed! (Posted on 26/10/2017)

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