HiFiBerry DAC+ Bundle incl. Raspberry Pi 4 and Max2Play

Use case: The HiFiBerry DAC Bundle with the Raspberry Pi 4 and Max2Play, is especially suitable for all who want to connect their Raspberry Pi analog via RCA / Cinch cable to their music system. The Raspberry Pi 4 offers plenty of power for additional applications.

For pure audio applications we still recommend the HiFiBerry DAC Bundle for the Raspberry Pi 3.

Bundle components: Raspberry Pi 4, HiFiBerry DAC+, power supply, MicroSD card with Max2Play, case

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HiFiBerry DAC Bundle
HiFiBerry DAC+ Bundle incl. Raspberry Pi 4 and Max2Play

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Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost

    With this Max2Play bundle you connect Raspberry Pi and your stereo system via the analog cinch cable. In just a few steps the included components are plugged together and music fills your home. The delivered power supply comes with an EU plug for electrical sockets.

    Here, you can find an overview of all the possible functions of Max2Play and information about the applications of them.


    • Raspberry Pi 4
    • Power supply
    • HifiBerry DAC+ of your choice
    • Case  
    • Class 10 microSD card with Max2Play image preinstalled
    HiFiBerry DAC2 HD
    HiFiBerry DAC2 Pro
    The DAC2 HD is the top model of HiFiBerry. With a new layout and improved components HifiBerry succeeds in increasing the sound quality even more.   The HiFiBerry DAC2 Pro is a next generation digital-to-analog converter for the Raspberry Pi. Hifi enthusiasts can expect crystal clear sound, thanks to the new, further perfected design.
    HiFiBerry DAC+
    HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro
    The HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA is an all-rounder, which offers all important basic functions and as a digital to analog converter delivers an optimal sound result.   The HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro is a high-end board, which allows hardware volume control and uses high-quality components for an especially low-noise playback.
    HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro GPIO
    Raspberry Pi 4B

    HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro GPIO extends the HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro with a GPIO pin bar. With the GPIO pin bar you can connect controls, buttons and much more without soldering.

      The new Raspberry Pi 4B comes with up to 8GB of memory (8GB version), 1.5 GHz processing power, Bluetooth 5.0 and Gigabit Ethernet and offers all the popular features of its predecessors with some improvements.
    Stahl Gehäuse
    Raspberry Pi 4 Gehäuse matt-schwarz
    This case is suitable for the HiFiBerry DAC. Together, DAC and Raspberry can be easily installed. The housing is made of steel and is very robust.   Black housing for the Raspberry Pi 4, suitable for various HiFiBerry DACs and Digis, as well as the HiFiBerry AMP2. Quick installation and removal through screwless mounting. Good radio transmission possible, due to the material used.
    Allo Shanti
    Allo Nirvana
    The Allo Shanti is a linear regulated power supply with two outputs (5.2V/3A and 5.2V/1.2A), which was developed especially for demanding audio applications. It is supplied with extensive accessories.   The Allo Nirvana is an audiophile SMPS power supply. It offers an excellent price-performance ratio.  It has two outputs: USB-A and coaxial power connector. MicroUSB and USB-C adapter are included. 
    iFi Audio iPower X 5V 3A
    The iFi Audio iPower X is an ultra-low noise power supply with various adapters. It uses the second generation Active Noise Cancellation technology.  


    Selection of the Max2Play License

    With the purchase of this product you receive an additional Max2Play premium license (3 month term)*. You also have the possibility to purchase a 1-year, 2-year or 5-year license. The premium license offers further plugins for more features and extensive support.

    *Important! There is no automatic extension of your license. You are free to renew it during or after the license period. Owners of the Max2Play Premium License get exclusive news about Max2Play, concerning new features and Plugins. The amount of Plugins is continuously growing. Here you will find an overview of all the Max2Play Plugins

    Instruction for the case

    For a detailed instruction on how to assemble the case with the board components, visit our step-by-step instruction.

    In this video we present the Max2Play Audioplayer Image optimized for Hifiberry Soundcards:

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