HiFiBerry DAC2 HD

HiFiBerry DAC2 HD for the Raspberry Pi
Application field: High-End DAC for analog connections between Raspberry Pi and amplifiers with RCA connectors.

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HiFiBerry DAC2 HD is the next generation DAC. With a new layout and improved components, HifiBerry succeeds in further increasing the sound quality.

For best sound quality, a Burr-Brown chip is used. The DAC2 HD has its own ultra-low jitter clock, making it independent of the clock on the Raspberry Pi. Especially mid and high frequencies profit from this precise clock with a crystal clear sound.

The HiFiBerry DAC2 HD can control the output volume with the Alsamixer. Other applications that support the ALSA mixer can also be used here.

For operation under Linux, at least Kernel 4.19.97 is required.

The HiFiBerry DAC2 HD is plugged directly onto the Raspberry Pi. No soldering etc. is necessary. The HiFiBerry DAC2 HD is powered by the Raspberry Pi, therefore no additional power supply is needed.

The HiFiBerry DAC2 HD is supplied as standard with the appropriate spacers to connect it to the Raspberry Pi.

The DAC2 HD directly supports the optional DSP module (not included).

Gold-plated RCA plugs provide an optimal connection to the audio cable.


Maximum output voltage 2.1Vrms  
DAC signal-to-noise ratio 123db typical
DAC THD+N -108db typical, 44.1kHz, -10dBFS
Frequency response 10Hz-70kHz -3dB
Power consumption <1W  
Sample rates 44.1-192kHz  
Bits/sample 16, 32


At a glance:

  • 192kHz/24bit DAC with excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B/3B+/4B 
  • Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator for optimal audio performance
  • Gold-plated RCA plugs provide an optimal connection to the audio cable 
  • Weight: 0,060kg

Scope of delivery

  • HifiBerry DAC2 HD
  • 4 Spacer M2.5x12mm



The DAC2 HD is compatible with Max2Play from Image Buster (V2.53 or later).



By purchasing this product, you receive an additional copy of the Max2Play Premium Testlicense (3-month period). You can find more information about the features of the premium license here.

Plug & Play with Max2Play especially for HiFiBerry sound cards

Max2Play offers a browser-based administration interface for Raspberry Pi on a Linux basis. With Max2Play, applications (Max2Play extensions) can be installed and administrated on a minicomputer without any Linux knowledge. The controls can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer, without connecting a mouse or keyboard to the minicomputer.
The Max2Play image has been optimized for HiFiBerry sound cards and can be set up easily. It ensures the best support of the HiFiBerry DAC and Raspberry Pi combination. The HiFiBerry DAC can easily be installed with the help of a Max2Play extension. The extension installs all necessary drivers. After activating the sound card, it can be used by the audio players (e.g. Squeezelite) for sound output. The volume settings are then automatically set to the optimal levels. More information on the HiFiBerry Image can be found here

More Information
delivery time 2-3 Tage
Chipset Burr-Brown PCM1796
KHz/ Bitrate 192kHz / 24bit
Signal-to-noise ratio 123 dB
Output RCA Stereo (2.0), gold-plated
Output power (RMS) 2.1Vrms
Clock generator Own clock
Additional connections I2S header 40 Pins
dedicated Connection for infrared receiver -
dedicated connection for rotary encoder -
Hardware features EEPROM
ALSA controls for soundcard (driver) Volume control, Analogue Boost, Analogue playback Boost
Max2Play software features HiFiBerry Plugin, Webinterface for ALSA controls
Power supply via Raspberry Pi
PDF Data Manufacturer -
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